Engage (2021)

The film explore the experience of submerging and moving through open, closed, and virtual spaces. The body, in interacting with these spaces, embodies disorientation, coils and uncoils, acknowledging its potential to alter them.

I am anticipating failure (2019)

Short solo as a part of Advanced Choreography Class at the Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance, UCLA, led by Ros Warby. In this work, I explore the anticipation associated with and underlying my improvisation practice.

=’ Equals to (2015)

Choreographed and danced this duet in collaboration with Meghna Bhardwaj. One of the important words that kept guiding our process was ‘equation’, which we wanted to imagine into our work geometrically. 

Jwala (2014)

The piece tries to explore the journey of realising the power our ‘Inner Flame’, surrendering to it and allowing it to take charge. The piece also questions about what do we do, if and when we get awakened and invoked by this energy. This solo-work was performed with live musicians for Parallel Conversation at Zorba-The Buddha, India and at Release 4.0, Maya Dance Theatre (Singapore: March 2015).


BODY/SITE/SEEN is a collaborative workshop-performance that uses dance, music, and multimedia to explore ideas related to embodiment, point of view, and the act of seeing. In the performance, the live-streams of cameras attached to dancers’ bodies are projected onto the walls of the performance space. The cameras capture intimate landscapes of the body itself, as well as the body in relation to other dancers and the space the body occupies. BODY/SITE/SEEN is a meditation on the bounded nature of embodiment and the fractional incompleteness of point of view.

Bodies of Water (2017)

This performance-installation work explores the interaction between a body in film and a live body in space, created in collaboration with Brydee Rood (New Zealand) for Amsoe season 1..

Catch (2016)

Exploring  the qualities of bounce, twist, roll and stretch and the subsequent patterns that the body makes in space, the piece draws out a play between an object and the body. Solo-work created as an artist-in-residence at Gati Dance Forum and performed at Lost and Found Festival: Invisible Cities (Sep 2016).

(Re) present (2014)

The proposition explores the relation between space-time and the body. It tries to explore how the body experiences (constructed?) time when static or in motion. This solo-work was performed at 6 cube, Some Bodies of Dance, Contemporary Arts week (Oct 2015) and Inside/Outside festival at Natya Ballet Centre (April 2016), Delhi.

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