Engage (2021)

Engage © Sanchita Sharma 2020

We live in a present that constantly demands our attention. We are never able to rest, never able to calm down, never able to slow down. How do you wait for things to arrive? I process this question by listening to the quiet transitions in my body. I activate my side-body to look at my world from a tilted angle. I embody disorientation and invite the audience to do the same. Looking through the space between my armpits, my ribcage, hips, thighs, calves, ankles, and feet, I challenge hierarchical notions of time, experience, and agency, and offer a lateral perspective.

Engage explores the experience of submerging one’s body through open, closed, and virtual spaces. In interacting with these spaces, my body coils and uncoils, and acknowledges its potential to alter them. Although there is familiarity, there is no sense of hierarchy or attachment that prioritizes one space over another. I am hyperaware of being seen as I am of my surroundings. Lastly, to my viewers, I ask: How do you remain active and fight the temptation to disengage with the present?

Credits (rendition 1)

Choreography: Sanchita Sharma

Concept, direction, and performance by Sanchita Sharma

Videography: Rahul Verma and Sanchita Sharma

Video editor + Soundscape editor: Kelsey Oliver

With musical tracks from Tori Reynolds and Anthony Constantino

Studio support: First Street Studio and Rude Mechs, Austin

Credits (rendition 2)

Direction and Performance by Sanchita Sharma

Videography: Rahul Verma and Sanchita Sharma

Video and Soundscape editor: Sanchita Sharma

With Musical Tracks from Anthony Constanti

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